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The other night as I was lying in bed I had an epiphany. Funny how all my great ideas or deep thoughts come while I’m desperately trying to fall asleep. I wish there was a switch somewhere so I could just turn my mind off.
Well anyway, as you all know I’ve been embarking upon a new ambition, one I’ve NEVER done before and am finding out I don’t really have the talent for either. Trying to write a song has been so incredibly frustrating.

The other day I was feeling a little depressed about it,  I was thinking, gosh, why can’t I do this? I know we all have different talents, and maybe I just need to accept that this is NOT one of mine…  but then again, I almost think that saying this is just a cop out.  We hear these lines all the time, I’m no good at that, it’s not my specialty, not one of my gifts, ect.  Why do we also hear, ” practice makes perfect”…” dream big”…” you can do anything you set your mind to”… “if you believe, you can achieve”…

So my thought is, WHY do I even WANT to do something like this? Why is the desire so strong? Just because I may not be gifted in this area, does it mean I shouldn’t even TRY? Am I just wasting my time?  I guess my epiphany isn’t so much an epiphany, but more like an unanswered question. Why are we told we all have different talents and gifts, but also told we can do anything we want to do.

A talent is a natural aptitude or skill,  meaning some things come easier for others.

So are we supposed to focus all our time and energy on the things that are easy? 
I don’t think so…  Doing things that are hard are what build strength and character, right?

What do you think?  Is it better to just stick to what we’re good at?

Posted by Crystal

So guess what? Did you know that it’s been a WHOLE year now since I started my blog? I really can’t believe it!  179 posts, 65,000 visits, 485 followers, 860 facebook fans, and 3,764 comments later. Not that the stats really matter… okay, who am I kidding, the stats TOTALLY matter :) It’s really what keeps me going, if I didn’t have all the support of you guys then what would be the point. I might as well just keep a journal instead of a public blog. Really though, I am truly grateful for all your kind words of encouragement and advice. I’ve grown so much and learned so much over the past year, and I really have you all to thank.
Okay, so now the reason for the title of this post.  I must tell you, writing a song is FLIPPIN HARD!!! I’m not going to give up   no siree, but I have developed a whole new appreciation for song writers. I’ve been sticking to my commitment but I’m in MAJOR need of some inspiration. This whole process has been pretty discouraging, but as I persist I’m finding it a little easier… well not easier, but I guess a little less daunting.  This type of thing does not come easy to me, but I’m reminded of the quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson

That which we persist in doing becomes easier, not that the task itself has become easier, but that our ability to perform it has improved.”

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Why do we stop dreaming? At what point do we decide we can’t do it and our internal monologue begins clouding our minds with negativity…   you’ll never be that great…  that’s not your talent…  you’re not gifted enough, pretty enough, smart enough? 

How can we rekindle those childhood dreams and make them our reality?

When I embarked upon this idea of a blog, I started out by sharing a small part of my “Life List“, the list of things I hope to accomplish within my lifetime. We all know there’s very little time to do anything else on top of just being a mom, but recently I’ve been waking up about an hour before my kids so I can dedicate a little time to developing my mind and exploring new endeavors.  There are still so many things I want to try out and learn. We have all been blessed with certain gifts, but how can we know what they are unless we’re entertaining fresh ideas, and perusing new talents. When I look at this list I think, someday I’m going to get to do these things… *sigh*… but you know what? That someday is going to be NOW! No more making excuses about how there’s “no time” for it.  All it takes is a little evaluation.  How many times a day am I doing things that are simply a waste?     TONZ!!!        I could watch less of my favorite shows, spend less time online, and sacrifice one hour of my sleep in order for me to make these things happen.  I don’t want to look back in ten years and regret I didn’t do more with my time.  Life will always be busy no matter what stage of life we’re in.  I can’t remember a time in my life when it WASN’T busy, even before kids.  

I’ve decided to pick one thing from my life list and focus on it for 1-6 months, depending on how much I’m enjoying it and so forth. I can always come back to it too. This way it will keep things interesting and exciting for me, without feeling overwhelmed with the many other things I’d like to do.  I love the quote, “it’s not the destination, it’s the journey that matters”. We don’t need to stress over getting something finished, or perfecting the talent, just enjoy the journey. 

I’ve always wanted to write and sing songs,  I shared a little about this along with my American Idol Moment video, but now it’s time to take action.  My goal is not to become famous or to write a hit song, my motivation behind it rely’s solely upon the idea of learning what all goes into creating a song. I’m always trying to get better at writing and expressing myself, not because I want to write a New York Times best seller, rather to relate to people, to be an example to my children, to inspire others to reach for their dreams. I don’t need to become the next Oprah to feel like I’m making a difference. If I help just one person in my lifetime, that will be enough for me.

I recently purchased this new software that is an incredible tool for anyone who wants to enhance their creative writing skills or even write a song of your own.  I was just googling about song writing and came across this video. Once I watched it, I was instantly sold. Such an incredible resource for the aspiring writer. It’s called Master Writer and they offer a free 10 day trial. Just simply go to their site and download the free trial, it’s that easy. I’ve already been playing around on it and absolutely LOVE how helpful it is. Just watch this video and you’ll see what I mean.

It’s time to take action and what better time to start than NOW. Lets keep those dreams alive and start living them.
What are your dreams?