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I was recently introduced to a fabulous blogger, semi new to the blogeshere. She is a young cosmetologist who loves to write and share fun idea’s on interior design, food, fashion, and much more. Her blog is called Rolled Up Pretty and Cut Off Thoughts. She has a wonderful blog and that’s why I wanted to share her with you all. She also makes these cute decorative pillows and has offered to give away TWO of them to one of you lucky ladies!

Here’s a little introduction from Savannah herself!

“I am 25, have my cosmetology license, graduated in communications from the University of Utah and still have no idea what I want to do. I just know it has to be something fabulous :) Life is too short to do something everyday that you don’t love.

I do know, I love to write and…. I love fabulous finds, interior design, food, taking pictures, fashion, funniness, randomness, the hub, projects, re-doing, music, and just sharing my crazy ideas about all of these things with anyone who will listen. So what better way to do it than start this blog? I can’t think of one…. can you? It is going to be the fabulous that this cat needs right now, to bring myself a little fun throughout the day, and write what comes to mind.”

So head on over and see what this girl has to offer.

Now for the giveaway rules!


*Leave a comment telling me one of your favorite things to read about, fashion, food, health, photography, ect.

For more chances to win you can leave additional comments by doing a few of the following (leave a separate comment for each one).

1. Become a follower of Rolled Up Pretty and Cut Off Thoughts.

2. Follow or subscribe to this blog :)

3. LIKE Savannah’s Facebook Page.

4. LIKE Balanced Moms on Facebook.

5. Follow Savannah on Twitter.

Good luck and have a great weekend!!!

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Before I turn the time over to Sarina, I wanted to give you all a quick heads up about my day planners. First, they are being featured on Just Cherish Today, and second I’m offering a discount on them. I’ve only got TEN left so I decided to have a close out sale. Each planner is now $30 (plus shipping) instead of $45!!! Email me if you’d like one and I’ll email you back a paypal invoice. [email protected]

Hello all you balanced moms out there! When choosing to be a balanced mom you know you have to put your health as a priority, so I have put together my Top Ten Super foods that every mom should add to their families diets.

Science now points to a list of foods with extraordinary powers to ward off disease and slow aging. These foods provide health benefits way beyond basic vitamins. They contain substances that prevent health problems such as high cholesterol to cancer. Research shows these foods can even put you in a better mood! And in my opinion they are the fountain of youth.

1. Nuts and Seeds: Loaded with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and omega 3 fatty acids, nuts can help reduce heart disease and cancer.

- We snack on raw nuts and seeds all day at our house. I usually buy them in bulk to save money.

2. Berries: A rich source of photonutrients and antioxidants, both of which protect cells from damage that lead to cancer and premature aging. All berries are loaded with vitamin C and are a great source of fiber.

- I add berries to my protein shakes, or snack on them all day. Kids love berries! Buy them when they are in season that way they are not too expensive. You can also buy them frozen in the winter.

3. Beans: All types of beans are nutrient powerhouses, they are high in antioxidants that help block cells from damage. Beans are high in fiber and can prevent obesity.

-I cook with beans all the time. My favorite are lentils because you can add these little guys to any meal.

4. Broccoli: Along with other cruciferous vegetables such as cauliflower and cabbage, antioxidant loaded broccoli helps fight cancer, especially breast, by reducing levels of excess estrogen. It also boosts the immune system.

- Not only do I juice broccoli every morning (I know you think I am crazy but, cancer runs on every side of my family), but we eat this amazing vegi at east 3x’s per week.

5. Sweet Potatoes: One of the highest ranked vegetables on the nutrition scale, sweet potatoes are high in fiber, vitamins A, C, and B6, potassium, magnesium, and cancer fighting antioxidants. Their anti-inflammatory properties help improve asthma, allergies and arthritis. Not just for thanksgiving anymore this vegi is awesome.

-I make homemade sweet potato fries, just chop up into fries size coat with olive oil and sea salt place on a cookie sheet bake at 375 for 25-30 mins. Yum my kids love these!

6. Yogurt: This contains healthful probiotics, or good bacteria that can prevent breast cancer, ulcers, and vaginal infections.

- I grow my own and add it to my protein shakes. If you buy from the store make sure you get plain and add your own sweeteners like stevia or agave and fresh fruit, otherwise they are loaded with bad sugars or worse man made sugars know to cause cancer.

7. Avocado: The Aztecs called avocados the fruit of the Gods. Today this super food is packed with monounsaturated or “good” fat that lowers cholesterol and help prevent cancer. This nutrient dense food is full of folate, vitamin E, magnesium, and potassium.

- I LOVE avocados! It is my favorite part of the day when I get to eat one. I always hear people say they are so fattening. Don’t worry about it remember this is the good fat to make our hair, skin, and nails look amazing!

8. Dark Chocolate: Yes I said Dark Chocolate not milk or white. As a super food this is a sweet dream come true. It reduces blood pressure improves bad cholesterol and helps muscle fatigue. It can also help regulate cortisol (stress hormones that can cause fat around the belly).

- I eat dark chocolate at the end of everyday, this is my gilt free way to satisfy my sweet tooth.

9. Olive oil: This monounsaturated or “good” fat lowers bad cholesterol, increases good cholesterol and fights cancer.

- I serve every single meal in my house with cooked and raw olive oil. I never use butter. I literally don’t even have it in my house.

10. Quinoa: What is Quinoa? Quinoa is a whole grain that stands alone as a complete protein. It contains all essential amino acids. This product is great for wheat free diets.

- I replace quinoa with other wheat pastas that are now being linked to many autoimmune diseases.

Here are some more of my favorite super foods….

Apples, garlic, onions, honey, kale, chard, citrus, tomatoes, pomegranate, spinach, salmon, coconut, and peppers

If adding these foods feels to overwhelming maybe just try to add one of these super food into your diet and when you get use to that one add another.

Happy eating!

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We got back from our trip last night after a LONG day of airports and airplanes.  It was definitely not my favorite day.
We went on a Caribbean Cruise with the kids and had an absolute blast, definitely created some fun memories.
I’m exhausted though! Traveling with kids sure takes a lot out of you. We were gone for 11 days because we stayed a few days in Florida. So now I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. Emails to go through, planners to ship, LOTS of laundry and unpacking to do, 5 lbs to lose (I ate strawberry pancakes every day), and most importantly, some Bachelor and Gray’s Anatomy to catch up on :) . And I have a lot I want to share with you, but for now I’ll leave you with this short video of our trip.

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I know that Fun And Balanced Friday has been kind of in hiding these past few weeks, but I intend on getting back in the swing of things. When I created my new Day Planners I was kind of preoccupied with that, then I was trying to figure out how I was going to go about the whole thing. As you’ve noticed I’m not posting the meal plans anymore on here. I’m still making them, just now offering them with the planners instead. So what I think I’m going to do now is feature certain recipes, and craft and activities for kids each week. Also I’ll be back to featuring people who inspire me and posting those here and there too.

This week I wanted to show you a fun activity Lily and I did together to begin the Valentines festivities. I got the idea out of the wonderful Family Fun magazine.

Paper Plate Hearts

What you’ll need:

  • Two paper plates
  • construction paper
  • Stapler
  • Hole puncher
  • Ribbon
  • Glitter glue
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

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This week I am featuring Well Spun Wedding Films
I know that most of us are not in this stage of life, planning weddings and what not, but I really want to help get their name out there. They are offering a $50 Visa Gift Card as a giveaway contest for helping them spread the word a little.  Who wouldn’t want to win FIFTY buckerooz? Let’s think of all the things you could buy with a fifty in your pocket. Some new shoes, some groceries, you could go get a pedicure AND manicure, you could go out to a nice dinner with the hubs, you could pay a bill… it’s possible… okay maybe not a bill, but you get the point :)

Lets help them be # 1 Wedding Videographer in Philadelphia!
To be entered in this giveaway, all you have to do is Vote for Well Spun by clicking HERE.

It is easy and simple to vote for Well Spun Weddings for Best Videographer.  You will need to create a user name and password and vote!  Then of course just come back here and leave a comment letting me know that you voted. For additional chances to win, you can do the following and leave a comment each time you did one. Include your email address (if not public in a profile) so I can contact you if you win.
  1. “LIKE” Well Spun Wedding Films on FACEBOOK.
  2. “LIKE” me too please :)
  3. After you voted for Well Spun, it will give you the option to “share this” on facebook or twitter. If you DO share this, then you can leave TWO more additional comments.
 Contest for voting ends Friday, September 10th!!!

Check out this cute wedding video they made. SO professional! Wish I would have known about them back when I was getting married, I wasn’t too impressed with how my wedding video turned out. I know that they can also take your old wedding video and turn it into something like this. 

Well Spun Wedding Films – 4 from Well Spun Wedding Films on Vimeo.


Unlike traditional wedding video companies, they follow a film industry model. This means that you will have a team of production professionals working to create a film of your wedding. Well Spun Wedding Films is a network of film and television industry people. Jon Gangwer, the founder of Well Spun acts as the creative director and oversees the pre-production planning, wedding day coverage and post-production editing of the wedding film.

On the wedding day you will have a seasoned film cinematographer or active television cameraperson attend the wedding to capture the footage.

They work closely with you to do the legwork and understand what the wedding day schedule is, what you want or don’t want, and then in the editing process, they’ll collaborate with you. You can select the music and share your vision with us. They then create a film and allow you to preview it and comment before finalizing the work. 

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 The TWO winner’s of the giveaway are,
Carrie Kronk (wins free skincare kit)

Leslie Moody (wins free facial)

And thank you all so much for your support. 

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I’ve been looking all over the Internet for some great mothers day gift ideas, and would like to share with you a great website with a TON of creative gifts for under $50.
It’s called CSN, and here’s a little background information for you.
They started in 2002 in Boston, MA. They feature over 200 stores and over 1 Million products!
“CSN Stores LLC is a fast-growing, privately-held company offering customers the best online shopping available for home and office goods. A $200 million company, CSN is made up of more than 200 online niche shops offering a huge selection of products ranging from bar stoolsand bedroom sets to grills, greenhouses and gaming equipment. We have items for budget-minded shoppers, luxury seekers and everyone in between.”
Here are a few of my favorite items I found that I thought would be GREAT mothers day gifts. I know it’s a little late now to purchase anything online, because you probably won’t get it in time. But, no worries, just have the item shipped to your mom, print out a picture of the item purchased, then write her a nice card with the picture inside. Just let her know that it should be arriving to her house soon :) Sean and I have had to do this before, because we tend to procrastinate when it comes to getting gifts.
This one, probably not for our moms, because we’re old :) , but I think it’d be a great gift for ME :) Picnics at the park with the kids is always fun.

My mother in law would LOVE this Pilates set.

PERFECT gift here I think. Just pop in a couple pictures of your kids, and I’m sure grandma would be thrilled!

Now THIS one, I’m definitely getting for my mom, maybe one for me too :) My mom loves gardening, and she’s actually really good at it. I on the other hand have not been known to have a green thumb, tried it once, and all my plants died within a couple of weeks, hmmmm. I need to learn a few things I guess.
So anyway, I think my mom would just LOVE it, and the whole seat idea is brilliant!

I thought this cook book stand was WAY cute!!!!

Find the above items HERE
I’m also looking for some outdoor rugs, and they have such a cute selection. Pretty much have everything you need. Home decor, Appliances, furniture, Lighting.
They have everything from recessed lighting, to lamps.
I think you’ll really enjoy this website, go take a look around!

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Tomorrow is FAB Friday, so don’t forget to play along with me. FAB Friday is a day for us all to recognize the positive people in our lives and give them a little shout out. They can be living or not living, famous, or not, friend, or family member. Who ever they are, let’s take this time to appreciate them, and share with others what we love about them, and how they may have inspired us in some way or another. If you choose to play along, here is the button you can grab, and be sure to visit me tomorrow to link up your blog posts.

As you all know, I’ve been working on a goal of getting 400 comments to support the MS cause. Turns out, that goal may have been a little high, so I’m willing to settle for 200 :) We’re at 185 right now, so if you haven’t already left a comment, please help support a good cause by leaving a few comments HERE I’m also going to be randomly selecting someone who will win Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume. So here is your last chance to win, go see the details for ways to comment. As soon as we reach that goal, I will donate $50 to the cause, as well as announce the winner of the perfume.

This week the top 3 Thursday question is, What are your 3 favorite names?
1. Of course I LOVE the name Lily :)
2. And Oliver
3. I also really love the name Brookelynn. I really want that to be my next daughters name, but not sure if Sean likes it as much as I do. I just think it’s a beautiful name, and my middle name is Lynn, so it would be fun to pass it on in a way :)

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And the winner of the gorgeous jewelry giveaway is Becky Stoneking!!!!! Congratulations!!!! You’ve got to check out her blog too (, she is absolutely the most beautiful bride you’ve ever seen who just had her dream wedding. Go see all her amazing pics on her blog, you may be a little jealous :)
Thank you everyone for participating and supporting my friend by spreading the word about her awesome jewelry.

I do have another giveaway going on right now (see last post for details), and ends this Friday. So go comment for a good cause, as I am donating 25 cents for every comment (up to $100), to the National MS Society. Your comments also enter you in the drawing to win some perfume ($70 value). Our goal is to have 400 comments on the last post (Fab Friday~Kelcie Walker) by the end of the week. Each of you can comment up to 10 times. See the below post for all the details!!!!

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I will be choosing the winner of the 9 day tomorrow evening, so don’t miss out on your chance to win. See Giveaways for details!