Sarina’s Review of Bohme Boutique

To all you balanced moms out there who love all the latest fashion trends but want them at a reasonable price you will love the store Bohme Boutique. One of my long time friends Fernanda Bohme is the owner of this fabulous new store.

Back in 2002-2003 I was a college student at SLCC. I attended this program with Fernanda.  We put on our graduation fashion show in the spring of 2003. Of course all of us aspiring fashion designer/merchandiser/buyers had big dreams that we would go on to be big fashionistas, but most of us ended up in retail. One year after graduation I was walking by Cache at the Fashion Place mall when I noticed my college buddy.  I went in the store and asked her how she liked working there and she said she loved it.  So I began working there and still do to this day.  Fernanda would always talk about opening her own store, but having worked in the business for so long I knew this would be an extreme task. Sure enough after a year of hard work in 2008 Fernanda and her sister opened their first store.

About Bohme

Fernanda and Vivien (sisters) are adding more bling to life.  Their hip new boutique offers a collection of the latest styles in denim and tops for women.  Bohme sets itself apart by offering above and beyond customer service.  Since it’s first store opening in 2008, Bohme Boutique has grown into 5 locations.

Fashion Place Mall, SLC
Gateway Mall, SLC
University Mall, Orem
Layton Hills Mall, Layton
Red Cliffs Mall, St. George

Fernanda has so graciously offered an exclusive 25% off your entire purchase to all our Balanced mommies!  Thanks Fernanda!
Click HERE to print.

You can also check out her website for more offers at or befriend her on facebook.

Happy Shopping Ladies!

Crystal I will also send you the email with the coupon in it from Fernanda, and if you haven’t already checked out her store it is so cute and really reasonably priced.  Thanks Sarina

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