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 As some of you already know, Sean and I both graduated from high school in 99, and we both went to Butler Middle school. The crazy thing is that I went there for 7th and 8th grade, and he went there for 9th grade. We barely missed each other! I met my best friend Brenda in 8th grade, and her and I stayed in touch after I moved. She would always tell me about the new guy in school, “Sean Escobar”. He was pretty popular among the ladies :)  So, that name was very familiar to me. Yes, Sean and I met briefly a couple of times but never really hung out back then. I thought he was so good looking though, and WISHED I could get to know him a little better if you know what I mean :)

So, I guess I don’t really count those times back then as being the first time we met. It wasn’t until that night at his house that we REALLY met for the first time. I had been home from my mission for 5 months. I was dating a lot, it was fun at first, but then I got tired of it really fast. I just wanted to meet my husband. I was sick of it all. 
Just two nights before I met Sean, I remember praying my heart out to God, and pleading with him that he’d lead me to my husband. I was so ready to find him, get married and start a family. I even wrote about it in my journal, so it’s so cool to look back and see how my prayers were answered. 
Like Sean said, our mutual friend Brenda was in town. I was hanging out with her and these other girls in the picture below.  We went out to eat at Bonzi, which has now become mine and Sean’s favorite place to eat.  Every time we go there I’m reminded of the night we met. 
Here is a picture we took of that night.

So anyway, after we ate there, we went and stopped by Sean’s house. I knew who he was, but I didn’t know if he would remember who I was. I instantly had an attraction to him, but didn’t think much of it since he was on a date :) I thought this girl was his girl friend. So we were all hanging out for a bit, his date left, he was going to meet back up with her later. Sean and I talked about our mutual interest in Network Marketing, he was trying to get me in his business, I was trying to get him in my business, haha. We always joke about that now, but anyway, we exchanged numbers for “business purposes” :)  
I still have the piece of paper he wrote his number on.
The next day Sean called me and asked me out on a date.  I was excited, but not too excited.  I thought he was just a player since I knew he was already dating this other girl.  A few days later I was all ready for our date. Sean picked me up, we walked to his truck, and he opened my car door for me!  Those kinds of things are such a big deal to me. I had dated so many guys who never thought to do that, and I was always so disappointed.  Sean was definitely earning some brownie points there :) As we were driving, Sean’s dad called and needed him to stop by for something. So since we were right there, we stopped by his parents house. I got to “meet the parents” on our first date! They were really nice, we visited with them for a while, then left. By that time it was getting kind of late, too late to go to any restaurants or movies. So we went to the Wendy’s drive through then back to his place to watch a movie. We had a great time!  I hate to admit this… but we KISSED on the first date!
When Sean dropped me off that night I wasn’t planning on seeing him again. I still thought he was just a typical guy, not ever taking relationships very seriously. 
The next day I get a knock at my door, and there he was holding a huge bouquet of flowers. 
It was all over from there. At that point there was no turning back,  I was head over heels for him. I know!  Sounds crazy, but it was literally 2 dates later and we were talking marriage. Wow! I still can’t believe it.  I will always remember our conversation that night, I have it all written down in my journal, practically word for word.  I’ll spare you the details on that, it’s probably WAY to mushy for you, but for me, it was absolutely PERFECT!!!
We thought it would be wise if we waited a while before breaking the news to everyone. We knew what people were going to think, so we kept it to ourselves for as long as possible…  A WEEK! Yes, everyone thought we were nuts, but Sean and I had no doubt that we were perfect for each other. We instantly started making wedding plans. 
We met April 23rd, and 3 months later, July 31st got married. Everything about Sean is just perfect for me. Now that we’re coming up on 6 years together, I’m reminded of these precious memories and how meant to be it all is.
I’ve shared these videos before, but for those of you who are new here, you might like to take a peak.
This is one I made for Sean for our 5 year anniversary.
And this is a short clip I put together about when I sang for Sean on our wedding day.

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