I’m 15 weeks now and loving life. For a minute there I thought I was going to die because of all the morning sickness. Thank goodness for the second trimester providing a bit of relief before the huge and uncomfortable stage comes.

Sean’s getting a little jealous of all the attention I’ve been getting, so I let him join in the photo shoot.


Over the weekend we saw a great movie which I highly recommend. It’s Excel Entertainment�s new movie, 17 Miracles. Here’s the trailer.

It’s truly amazing what they went through to get here.

Here’s an interesting article I found.


Handcart Film Beats National Average

17 Miracles earned more per location than top 10 national movies

On Monday, a local independent film about pioneers had a better per location average than the top 10 films in the country, including X-Men: First Class, Kung Fu Panda 2, and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

17 Miracles, the new film from producer/director T.C. Christensen, and distributed by Excel Entertainment, a division of Deseret Book Company, released June 3, earning $3,229 per location on Monday, with only 12 screens. The national per location average for X-Men: First Class was $1,595.

�It�s very satisfying when you release a local film that can compete with the best films in the country,� said Bob Ahlander, director of music and film at Deseret Book. �T.C. Christensen has made a wonderful movie that really resonates with the families in our community.�

Due to overwhelming demand, Cinemark more than doubled the number of theaters playing 17 Miracles along the Wasatch Front. In addition, many theaters upgraded the film from smaller screens to larger screens due to the increasing number of sold out shows.

17 Miracles Facebook fan Michael Meredith wrote: �I saw the 17 Miracles movie Monday evening. I must say it’s outstanding. I’m still under its great spirit and emotion filled message. The theater was full, no one left their seats until about one or two minutes after the credits were through. Many tears were shed by the viewers. What an incredible and wonderful experience. A must see.�
After watching the movie, KSL NewsRadio�s Doug Wright said, �Refreshing and inspiring�I lost count of how many times I teared up while watching this film.�



Then we finished off the weekend with a nice family BBQ where I served some AMAZING FOOD, if I must say so myself :)

Well I can’t really take credit for it since I simply followed the recipe from my new cookbook, Dadgum That’s Good!

“Dadgum That’s Good!”brings you more than 125 professionally-tested smoking, grilling, frying, boiling and steaming recipes, including 16 of John McLemore’s signature recipes. Plus you’ll find tips on: how to choose cuts of meat, fish, and poultry, keeping your pantry stocked with essential items, and getting the most out of your ingredients. Although particular products in this cookbook are recommended, you can make these recipes on products you already own.

Here’s a picture of the delicious Maple BBQ Turkey Burgers I made. The recipe really calls for pork sausage, but I used turkey sausage to make it healthier and boy was it yummy!!!!

These are actually pretty simple. Just chop up a green bell pepper, mix it into the turkey sausage and form into 4 (1/2-inch thick) patties, cover and refrigerate while you make the sauce.

For the sauce, combine 1� 1/3 cups BBQ sauce, 3 T. maple syrup, and 3 T. apple cider vinegar.

Then grill the patties about 5 minutes on each side. Baste one side with sauce and grill for 5 min. then flip and baste other side, grilling for 5 min. more. Then serve on some toasted Hawaiian rolls, top with some coleslaw and wahlah!!!!

Here is my beautiful sister Robyn, modeling for me :)