I’ve been having a blast doing all the shopping for the new home. Check out the video I put together. I was sure to share where I got everything for those of you who may be looking for furniture or home decor. We got a really good deal on all our furniture, if you are in the market for new couches, tables, bedroom sets ect. I know just the guy to get it from. His name is Bob Harris out of Logan. He sells Ashley Furniture for incredible discounted prices. The only catch is you have to pick it up in Logan. Here is his email address if anyone is interested, [email protected] Just tell him I sent you.

Anyway, here are a few pictures then below is the video.

I got my swimsuit from DownEast. They have some way cute suits right now.

Lily’s found a new hobby… catching frogs and lizards.

Here’s mama humming bird keeping her little eggs warm. Can’t wait to see the little things hatch, hopefully we’ll be down here when the time comes.

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