Yes, these do exist, and yes, I’m being serious…
Sort of…
Sorry for the visual here, but seriously, this is factual information. The other night Sean was researching these and I was about to die at the thought of him actually getting one put in our house. If you know my husband then you know he is MR. Health Nut. Always finding the newest natural remedies to preventing disease and preserving his health hence the reason we do Isagenix. I love that about him,  for the most part, but sometimes it can be a little extreme.

“Squat toilets are thought to be safer than seated versions. Many believe that sitting on a toilet can lead to bladder, prostate or uterine nerve damage. When this damage occurs, the organ(s) become more prone to disease. This may lead to colon cancer, constipation, IBS, diverticulitis and other prostate or uterine diseases.
Also, using the restroom in a seated position may lead to hemorrhoids. A squatting toilet prevents this from happening. In addition, many suggest that when you sit during a bowel movement, all fecal material is not removed from your body. Any that is left over may stagnate and lead to diseases, such as those listed above.”
Information source

I thought this cartoon was hilarious!!! What a nice visual of the difference a squatting toilet makes right. 
Who knows, next time you come over to my house you might just find one of these.

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