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I’m combining 3 posts in one today. I have a lot to share but don’t want to “bug” my email subscribers by filling up their inbox with my mindless blog posts. So here we go.
Two Can Play This Game
I have to thank Sean for inspiring this post. Today I go to write something down in my handy dandy notebook. You all know that I’m a Professional List Maker and I don’t leave home without my precious “to do” list. 

I open it up and THIS IS WHAT I FOUND!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I absolutely HATE bugs and this huge beetle gives me the creeps just looking at it. This is a REAL bug folks, dead, but real!

The second I saw it I KNEW that this was Sean’s doing.  He’s highly aware of my phobia and loves more than anything to see me freak out over these nasty creatures.  He’s been known to throw grass hoppers at me, put beetles in my hand, and let red ants crawl on me without my knowledge.  My first thought when I saw this was,  TWO CAN PLAY THIS GAME.
Then I searched the house for places I could hide our little friend.

Should I put it in his vitamins?
On his favorite magazine?
On his pillow?

In his shoe?
On the remote? 
Or in his deodorant?

Maybe next time he’ll think twice before messing with me.

Some New Finds
Here are a few pictures of my latest purchases and where I got them.

Don’t you just love this necklace? It’s now my new favorite! I got it from the Village Quilt Shop for $25

I got this scrunch shirt from Thistles Home Decor for $25. And this mustard striped vest for $25

Thistles is located on 217 East 12300 South suite J1.

The Escobars Featured in Prosper Magazine!
Now this is pretty exciting! My mother and father in law were featured in the the business magazine, Prosper, now available at any local Barns & Noble.  Sean and I even got a little part in there. We were interviewed by the magazine too, and they threw in a couple quotes from us and a picture. I feel like I’m famous now :)

Click here to enlarge 

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Hey Everyone, just wanted to let you know I was interviewed by my friend Carrie, over at The 5th Girl. She’s recently joined us bloggers in the blogging world, so go check her out. You will be hooked I’m telling you. She’s got such a great way of sharing her story.  Pop on over there and and show her some comment love :)

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Today I was featured by Tatiana @MsBabyPlan. I always feel so special whenever I have the opportunity to be featured on other blogs. Thank you Tatiana, for making my day :) !
Tatiana’s blog is all about her preparation to start her family. She’s recently made the decision to start trying for her first baby, and she plans to share with us her journey towards motherhood. For all those new mothers, or future mothers, you’ll want to visit her blog for sure.
I also wanted to give you more information about the Boutique I was telling you about in my last post. I have the address and hours for you, as well as more pics. As you already know, she has some WAY cute purses. I got my white one, and the maroon one there. I’m giving away this one, so make sure you enter HERE to win.
The address is 5674 S Oakdale Dr. (1740 E)! Open from 11:00-6:00. They are also now offering airbrush tans on Mondays for just $18!

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I was recently interviewed by Melody at 6 Feet Over
Go check out her blog to see the interview. You will LOVE her blog, like I mentioned before in Blog Awards post, she is very inspiring and SO funny. You have to read this post of hers, it’s one of my favorites. It’s called 2 hours @ Starbucks, Earphone Man and Inspiration Overflow.

My blog is undergoing a few changes
I recently got my own domain, which is
I’ve changed the title, it’s now,

Wanna Be Balanced Mom.
So, you’ll see a whole new blog layout within the next day or two, here’s a sneak preview.

What do you think?
I’m also putting together another video for you, so look out for that :)
If you like my blog then simply click on the icon Top Mommy Blogs in my left sidebar. It will take you to their website when you click on it, but you don’t need to do anything after that. Simply Click that’s it. You can even click on it every time you visit me. I would surely appreciate it :) I love you all, and really appreciate all your support.

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Wow! Three in one day, thank you girls :) Today I received these cute little blog awards.

The first one I received was from Andrea , from The Freckled Bug, Thank you!!!! She’s got such a fun blog that shares all kinds of crafty ideas she comes up with. She’s very creative!

The 2nd one is from Debby at Just Breathe
Debby calls herself a SAHMWAEN (stay at home mom with an empty nest)

And the last one is from Jessica from Mommy’s Sippy Cup. She has such a cute blog that’s all about her journey through motherhood as a new mom. Thank you Jessica!

I am supposed to:

1. Put the logo in my post or within my blog.

2. Pass the award onto 5 fellow bloggers.

3. Link the nominees within my post.

4. Let the nominees know they have received this award by leaving a comment on their blogs.

5. Share the love and link to the person who gave you the award!

Okay, so here are my top 5 favorite blogs you have to check out!

  1. Melody @ 6 Feet Over, I just love her blog because it’s very inspirational and find myself getting all motivated to conquer the world after reading her posts. She’s also VERY funny with such a fun sense of humor.
  2. May @ Currently on Tour, May is one of my blogging friends that I’ve really grown to love. She is a very sweet women with such a good heart. I admire her spirituality, positive outlook on life, and ability to say it like it is :)
  3. Elaine @ Clothed Much. She is just the cutest little thing with amazing fashion sense. I love her blog because it’s all about fashion and how she uses her creativity to make all kinds of different ensembles with little cash to work with. It’s amazing what she comes up with.
  4. Kat @ Today’s Cliche. She has come up with such a fun way of blogging. She actually shares her blog with her husband by doing He said/She said posts. Her and her husband both write about the same thing each day, and it’s so funny to see the differences in how things are perceived between men and women. She’s also VERY funny!
  5. Nature Girl. This is a great blog for those of you who love to read, I admire her writing abilities and hope to be as good as her one day :) She’s amazing!

Okay, well I hope you take some time to explore these other blogs a bit. You won’t be disappointed :) Have a great day everyone!!!

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I’m honored to have been featured on the Busy Mom Blueprint website today. Thank you thank you thank you! I’m pretty excited about it :)

Go check it out!!! This is an awesome website with lots of helpful information for all you moms out there. I love it!