Sean and Lily went hunting over the weekend, which meant Olly and I had lots of mommy Olly dates. So much fun! I feel like Olly being the middle child gets a lot less attention than the other two. With homeschooling Lily and breast feeding Brooklyn, there’s little time left for my little Olly boy. So this weekend was really special for us. Olly got to sleep in my bed with me which he thought was the coolest thing. I took him to the Nickelcade (totally ghetto by the way, but Olly had fun). We did crafts, went shopping for new winter clothes for him, made cupcakes, went to Gardner Village to see the witches, got ice cream, fed ducks, and watched lots of Halloween movies and told spooky stories in the dark :) . I enjoyed every minute of it. Here is our weekend in pictures.

Brooklyn started to get a little freaked out when I put her too close to the witches.


Olly took this picture. He did a pretty good job don’t you think :) .


I actually made these mummy candle holders with Lily last week. Just ripped up strips of white fabric and hot glued them around jars, then glued the eyes on. We used these to tell spooky stories in the dark. I got the other candles from the dollar store. I love collecting a bunch of the holiday dollar store trinkets. Here’s another picture of our dollar store finds.

Her’s Lily all decked out in her hunting gear. She loved every minute of it.

They found a dead porcupine on their hike. Lily thought it was pretty cool :) .

They found the place where Sean proposed to me. We carved our initials and the date in the tree. It’s hard to read it now, but so cool to see it.

This is what it looked like the day we did it back on 2004.

Then Sean added an “L” for Lily. How cute is that!

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