Even though I’m not totally a natural blonde I still fit the mold sometimes. We don’t necessarily have to say “dumb blonde” now do we :) It’s called having a “blonde moment”.

Let me just tell you about one of my “blonde moments” that happened a few years back.

My husband and I were driving down the road when we saw this sign…

Sean pointed it out to me and said I should call the number for a manicure. I was like, oh awesome! Free manicures! Then quickly started dialing the number on my cell phone.

It rang and rang until it went to voicemail.

The voicemail was a man saying he’d gone fishing and to leave a message. I thought it was a little strange so I just hung up.

The next day I decided to call again.

Still no answer.

So I thought, oh well, I’ll just leave a message. This is what I said:

“Hi my name is Crystal and I’m calling about your free manicures. Give me a call back when you get a chance, here’s my number $#@^%!#^”

Later that day I recieved a phone call from a man. He was laughing as he said, “Hi, is this Crystal”?

Me: Yes, this is Crystal.

Man on phone (still laughing): Hi Crystal, I’m returning your call about the manicures.

Me (a little confused): Oh… uh yah, okay. Well I was wondering if I could make an appointment.

Man on phone: hahahahahah, well I’m sorry, I can’t give you a manicure, but I’ve got plenty of “MANURE” for ya.

Me (feeling unbelievably stupid): Oh, haha…

oops, hee hee…

guess I read the sign wrong didn’t I…

Sean got the biggest kick out of this whole thing. He loves to play tricks on me and is the best at holding a straight face. So he just sat back and watched as I made a complete fool of myself.

Makes for a pretty good story though :)