My name is Crystal Escobar. I’m a wife of 6 years and a mother of two beautiful children, one boy, one girl. I grew up in a large family with 8 siblings. Yes, my mom had them ALL. Don’t know how she did it, but somehow she managed.

I’ve lived in 5 different states one other country and moved over 25 times my whole life, but Utah would be the place I call home.

After I graduated from high school, I moved to Arizona for a year and went to Scottsdale community college. Soon after, decided I wanted to serve an LDS mission. Before I left on my mission I trained and ran a marathon, pretty proud of that :) . It was the first and definitely the last :) Decided long distance running really isn’t my thing. But hey, at least I can say I did it.

I was called to the Leipzig Germany mission and I absolutely loved it. I saw some incredible things, met some amazing people and learned a few life altering lessons.

I met my husband 5 months after I got home. We dated for 2 weeks, were engaged for 3 months, then finally tied the knot :) Best decision I ever made!

I started this blog in November 09 to log my personal progression in finding balance as a mom, and to share my own life experiences.

I’m really just a Wannabe… a Wanna Be Balanced Mom.
I’m very passionate about having BALANCE which is something we will strive to master our entire lives. Mind Body and Soul. So simple right?

Not exactly.

The key, I think, is being organized and learning to get our priorities straight.
I LOVE being organized, having schedules and “to do” lists.
Ever since I can remember I’ve had this “passion” for it. I like to say, “passion”, and not “obsession”:).

Being balanced and organized are really the key factors to achieving our goals and dreams in life.

There’s nothing like the feeling of accomplishment!

When I ponder topics I’d like to write about, I ask myself, ” does this have anything to do with BALANCE”? And I think, SURE IT DOES!� I like to cover a wide range of topics, beauty, parenting, weight loss, lists and schedules, making healthy meals, budgeting, and of course how I TRY to balance it all. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Here is a post I did when I found myself completely OFF balance.


Here is my little family. I don’t post a lot of pictures of my children on here, trying to protect them as much as possible, but if you’d like to see more of them you can always add me as a friend on facebook. At least this way I have an idea of who you are.

Topics I write about include:

-Goals, and “TO DO” lists– developing talents, finding your passions, and creativity

-Getting inspired– people, books and shows that inspire me

-Finding a balance — making time for the things you want to do, as well as what’s most important

-Staying organized – the importance of having order in the home, tips on how to organize

-Beauty Tips –even though we’re moms, we can make time to be beautiful

-Meals — making healthy meals, on limited time and energy

-Marriage –making it #1 priority

-Weight loss –losing the baby weight, and keeping it off

-Business Women –success IS possible

-Money –budgeting and saving tips

-Trials –overcoming them

-Service — ways to serve, forgetting yourself, and finding fulfillment

-Fashion –I like to post pictures of the new clothes I get and where

And many more to come.

Thank you all for reading.

What people are saying about Wanna Be Balanced Mom

“Even though she has earned this award like a thousand times now, I�m still giving it to her- there is a reason she gets so many. She is a fun, friendly blogger and has a great site. She is all about keeping balance in her life, and helping others do the same. Anytime I�m feeling a little stressed or flustered, all I have to do is poke around Crystal�s page, and I come away with something new to inspire me. Go get inspired!”

“Crystal is a sweetie pie and one hot momma to boot! (She has some resemblance to Elisabeth Shue…only Crystal is even prettier). Go read her blog; she’s totally relatable…and don’t hate her because she’s beautiful!”
-�Postcards From Parenthood

“I was introduced to Crystal Escobar, the author of Wanna Be Balanced Mom�through a mutual friend. I was instantly attracted to her sincere and inspirational style of writing.
She writes from the heart and shares very touching, moments, like her American Idol Moment when she put it all out there inspired by her love for her husband, and in the process, teaches us a very valuable life lesson.
She put together a Life List which is definitely a must read.”
-The Busy Mom Blueprint

“I started reading her blog exactly two months ago and I instantly became hooked on it. Who doesn’t want to learn how to balance her life by combining family and healthy living?”
-Ms Baby Plan

“I met Crystal through blogging awhile back and have been hooked on her blog. �She posts about pretty much anything that might be important to us moms in the quest to find balance…from beauty, fashion, health, homemaking, motherhood, spirituality and much more…hence the name of her blog Wanna be Balanced Mom. �Crystal comes across as a sweet, thoughtful person who seems to be succeeding at her goal to balance it all! �From her cute blog design to her pictures, videos and fun personal stories, you are sure to be hooked too! �And don’t forget to check out her inspiring weight loss before and after pics! �I so want to try her program when I’m done nursing. �This is a blog worth following!”
-Candace Creations

Read an Interview with Crystal HERE at 6 Feet Over, and HERE at The 5th Girl



Contact me by email: [email protected] or find me on Facebook

About Crystal
Welcome to my life as a Wannabe. Follow me, as I share my life experiences, tips and tricks on beauty, weight loss, parenting, lists, schedules, inspiration, meals, budgeting, and of course, how I TRY to balance it all!!!

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