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Do you ever have those days where you feel like you’re on a debate team? Except you’re not really on a team, you’re on a desolate island left to fend for yourself with a vicious 5 year old as your opponent.

5 year old DAUGHTER might I add.

Lately everything I say to my daughter turns into a two hour argument which in the end leaves me throwing fits and saying things like:

“Uh huh”

“No I’m not”

“Ya huh… I think I know what I’m talking about… I AM a mom ya know”

“I’m telling daddy”

“SEEAAAAANNNNN, Lily’s not listening to me”

Once I run out of all my ingenious rebuttals, I tastefully complete the dispute by sticking out my tongue.

Then she say’s things like:

“MOM!!! You have to be nice to your childrenS   or Santa won’t bring you ANY toys”

“If you don’t let me watch a movie then I’m not EVER going to brush my teeth again!!!”

Then Sean say’s:

“GIRLS!  Stop fighting right now or you’re both going to time out!!!”


I think I DO need a time out.

Okay, now you HAVE to watch this video.  I’m serious!  No no, I’m REALLY serious!!! Watch it okay.

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Do you ever feel like your child has more control of the household than you do?
With the constant whining and temper tantrums you begin to realize—— these kids are BRILLIANT!!! They came out knowing how to get exactly what they want when they want!
How is it possible they instinctively know us moms have no tolerance for continuous high pitched noises and we’ll do anything to make it stop. Even if it means walking 5 miles wearing high heels in the snow and up hill both ways carrying a two year old.

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Oliver seems to be taking over these days, and Lily is getting really good at arguing with me about EVERYTHING, and I’m not making it any better.  I’m doing all the things I swore I’d never do… of course that was BEFORE I actually had kids.  Now I’m the mom I used to look at and say, “wow, she really needs to get a handle on those kids”.

I’ve learned a few things from the book I read a while back, Magnificent Mind at Any Age: Natural Ways to Unleash Your Brain’s Maximum Potential, and I wanted to share a little part that I highlighted.

“Parents are giving in more and more to difficult behavior. If a child has a habit of whining or crying to get his or her way and the parents give in to such behavior, they have taught the child’s brain to whine and cry, making him more vulnerable to mood and emotional problems later on.  The two words I like best in effective parenting are firm and kind. Children need love, attention, and affection, but they also need rules and discipline for their brain to develop properly. “

I need to remember this next time I rush to the pantry for a treat the second Olly throws a fit, or allow Lily to whine her way out of eating all her dinner before dessert.


you can go this route…

Works for husbands too :)

Hey we do what we have to do, right?

No animals, children, or husbands were harmed in the making of this post,  and we’re really not as crazy as we look :) Got the idea from the movie Tangled :)
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Don’t you feel like THIS is the kind of mess you deal with on a daily basis? It looks like a tornado hit. I clean up the house every night before I go to bed. The next morning, I wake up, get breakfast for the kids, make the beds, do a load of laundry, unload the dishwasher, and get dressed. By the time I’ve done that,  THIS is what my living room looks like.  It gets a little frustrating when I feel like all I’m doing each day is picking up toys. I’m really trying to focus on getting my kids to help out a little more. It’s important that we TEACH them to pick up after themselves. Not only does it make our lives a lot easier, but it prepares them for real life. I recently read Parenting With Love And Logic (Updated and Expanded Edition). I learned so many great things from that book including some advice on getting kids to pick up.
Here is a little example I got from the book.
PARENT: “Hey, honey, there’s a lot of your stuff laying around the house today. It’s kind of getting in the way. Do you want to pick it up, or would you rather I picked it up?”
CHILD: “You pick it up.”
PARENT: “Well, the advantage of your picking it up is that you’ll get to see it again. If I pick up, I’ll keep the stuff. So you might want to rethink your decision on that. But you don’t have to rush. I’ll know what you want. If by lunchtime I still see your stuff out there, I’ll know you decided to have me pick it up. If I see that it’s gone, then I’ll know that you decided to pick it up for yourself.”
I’ve learned that it takes a lot of patience, but I’m trying to be consistent. 
Here is a cute video of Oliver cleaning. It is soooo funny! He just started doing this one day, and I’ve noticed he does it a lot now. He’s making me proud :)

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Last night I proudly watched my daughter eat a spinach salad (fresh from our garden), and some orange ruffy fish. You may think I’m bragging a bit, and well…      I AM :)
To be serious, I’m trying just as much as all you other mothers out there. We all know that getting kids to eat healthy can be like trying to squeeze your butt into a pair of SPANX. Anything BUTT easy :) haha, gosh I’m funny.

My Favorite Breakfast 

Today I wanted to share with you a little about why I love the Isagenix shakes so much, and as you can see my kids love them too. We all know what it feels like as a mother to see our kids eating and LIKING something healthy. I try to get my kids to drink half a serving size of one of these each day, and I add this too it as well.

I’ve also been trying to sneak in this Flaxseed anywhere I can, yogurt, mac & cheese, salad ect.

Although flaxseed contains all sorts of healthy components, it owes its healthy reputation primarily to three ingredients:

    * Omega-3 essential fatty acids, “good” fats that have been shown to have heart-healthy effects. Each tablespoon of ground flaxseed contains about 1.8 grams of plant omega-3s.
    * Lignans, which have both plant estrogen and antioxidant qualities. Flaxseed contains 75- 800 times more lignans than other plant foods
    * Fiber. Flaxseed contains both the soluble and insoluble types.

Sometimes I’ll even add spinach to the shakes, and amazingly my kids don’t even know the difference when you add a banana along with it. The flavor of the banana completely overrides the taste of the spinach.

I’ve read somewhere that the key to getting kids to eat healthy is to try, try, and try again. Kids will usually turn their noses up to most anything new, unless it’s dessert or candy of some sort. So with a little bribery and consistency, I’ve been able to get Lily to eat more than just mac & cheese and chicken nuggets.
 When ever I make something new she’s never had before, I tell her, all she has to do is take ONE bite. If she doesn’t like it, she doesn’t have to eat it. I will continue to make her try it each time I make it. She hated fish at first, but now she eats it without any fuss. For us, every Tuesday is fish day. We all know how healthy fish is, so I try to make it part of our weekly menu. I still can’t get Oliver to eat it, but I continue to try :)

It never hurts to bribe your child with treats :) The ONLY way I can get Lily to eat all her dinner is to offer a really yummy treat for finishing it. Works every time!

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I’m pretty proud of the way the week turned out. Monday night we went on the Polar Express.

Tuesday I was sick, not fun, but actually not too bad because it only lasted a day. Then Wednesday made a ginger bread house with Lily :) I love those kits you get from Costco, makes this activity more enjoyable (for me) because everything you need is there. Fun, and simple.

Sean got Lily her very own pink Christmas tree to decorate. She was really excited. I thought she would be thrilled with the idea of putting it in her bedroom, but nope. She wanted to place it right next to the “mama” tree.

And here we are in the process of making the cinnamon ornaments. This was fun, and also very simple. All we needed was apple sauce and cinnamon, cookie cutters, then bake for a couple hours, add ribbon, and you’re done.

And I’ve had a chance to really dig into this book, and I’m lovin it. There’s a lot of things I didn’t know. I’ve been highlighting some stuff and plan to share what I’m getting out of it.

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Well, I planned to cleanse today and tomorrow, but noticed yesterday I was at the beginning stages of a cold. Sure enough, woke up this morning not feeling so hot. So, I decided to hold off on the cleansing until next week. I’m really anxious to cleanse too because I’ve been eating so much junk. I can literally see the fat forming around my mid section :) I plan to do a video of my days on the cleanse, that way you can see what I do for the 2 days.

So, since I have this cold, I decided to just start fresh with my schedule on Thursday. I’m sure I’ll be feeling better by then. I did actually start my parenting book today, and thought I would share a few things that stood out to me.
  • “The challenge of parenting is to love our kids enough to allow them to fail. To stand back, however painful it may be, and let significant learning opportunities build our children.”
  • “It’s a fact: Responsibility cannot be taught; it must be caught.”
  • Although it’s hard to figure out at times, the hardest things in the world to learn are the things we are told we must do. To help a child gain responsibility we must offer that child opportunities to be responsible.”

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“List”, my favorite word. I don’t know what it is, but I just love lists. Daily lists, longterm lists, grocery lists, lists when I workout, and the list goes on, lol. Hah, I crack myself up. Okay, so anyway, a long time ago I made this “LIFE LIST”. I was inspired to do so, by a very dear friend of mine. One day she showed me this list she made of all the things she wanted to accomplish in her lifetime. I was so excited about the idea, and right away began making one of my own. A few things I have on that list, have yet to be accomplished, but they are still in the back of my mind. I know that it will all come in time. It is easy to get lazy about life too, not taking action, and expecting that accomplishing your goals will happen eventually, pretty much means they will never happen. Sometimes I get to this point where I think to myself…what am I really accomplishing? Am I serving my purpose here, or am I just letting each day pass me by. As a mom, I know there is little time to do anything more than caring for the children and keeping house. Like developing talents, and achieving personal goals. I’m constantly trying to figure out how I can balance it all. Is there an answer? Is there that perfect schedule that allows you to fit everything into one day without being completely exhausted? I think not. Among, all the diaper changing, the feeding, the never ending laundry and dishes. Let’s not forget, finding time to exercise, making healthy meals for the family, keeping the house clean and organized. Teaching our children good behavior, and spending quality time with them. And then of course, having enough energy at the end of the day to spend some time with the hubby. Like I said, balance is the key. I’ve learned that I CAN’T fit everything into one day, but perhaps, can fit it into one week, or one month. I’ve come to accept that, which has been hard, but have found that there’s no hurry. I’m not in a race, there are no deadlines or time limits. I’m trying to slow down a bit, and not forget to cherish the little things, and the precious moments I have with my husband and children.
Some of things I have on my life list, include;

    * Find the man of my dreams ( I can go ahead and check that one off my list, found him, and he’s even better than in my dreams. I’m so lucky to have him.)

    * Have children (in the process)

    * Have a body of steel (well, it’s not steel, but I’m pretty happy with it, I plan to go into more detail on what I did to lose 25 lbs, and go from a size 10 to a 5, and what I continue to do in order to maintain it)


    * Learn to play the violin, piano and guitar ( I know it seems unrealistic, but that’s why it’s a “Life List”, we have a lifetime to accomplish them)
    * Learn 3 languages, German, Spanish, and French ( one down, two to go. Thanks to my mission, I can now speak fluent German)
    * Own my own horse ( I love horses, and could possibly own one right now, but decided that, a horse may not be in the cards at the moment. I don’t need anymore feeding, grooming, and cleaning up after, in my life lol. Maybe sometime down the road)

    * Travel the world (there are so many places I want to see, and cultures I want to learn. )
    * I’ve recently become very fond of photography, and videography. So, I plan to learn more about both.

Well, you get the point right? I have many more things on my life list, but thought it would be fun to share a few and hopefully inspire you to make one, if you haven’t already. Feel free to share it with me, I would LOVE to see what kinds of goals and dreams you all have.

Here’s an inspiring video I found. You’ll love it!

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