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Crepes, I just LOVE crepes. I pretty much LIVED on them when I was in Germany. Every night for dinner it was crepes with nutella, yum! Coulda been the reason I put on about 15 lbs :)

Since then, I’ve learned many different ways of making them. First it starts with the basic mix:

  • 2 cups all-purpose flour (I use wheat flour)
  • 1 cup milk
  • 2 tablespoons butter, melted
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 tablespoons granulated sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt

Then you cook them up on a frying pan, OR you can get one of these awesome Crepe Makers. I got mine about a year ago and I LOVE it! Makes the perfect crepe every time.

One of my favorites is the Mediterranean Crepe…

First you’ll need some some Pesto.

Once it’s almost all the way cooked you just spread it on half of the crepe.

For the other half just sprinkle some mozzarella cheese on there.

Then slap on a few slices of ham or turkey…

Then fresh spinach…

Then fold over…

And you’re done!!!


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This salad is one of my absolute favorites, and it’s extremely healthy too because of all the spinach. The greener the vegetable the healthier it is.

It’s pretty simple to through together too.


Chopped strawberries

Feta cheese

Chopped almonds or walnuts

And for the dressing: Mix ingredients in a separate bowl

2 T sesame seeds

1 T poppy seeds

1/2 cup whit sugar (or substitute with Agave to make it healthier)

1/2 cup olive oil

1/4 cup white vinegar

1/4 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce

1/4 teaspoon paprika

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I’m 15 weeks now and loving life. For a minute there I thought I was going to die because of all the morning sickness. Thank goodness for the second trimester providing a bit of relief before the huge and uncomfortable stage comes.

Sean’s getting a little jealous of all the attention I’ve been getting, so I let him join in the photo shoot.



This weekend we had a nice family BBQ where I served some AMAZING FOOD, if I must say so myself :)

Well I can’t really take credit for it since I simply followed the recipe from my new cookbook, Dadgum That’s Good!

“Dadgum That’s Good!”brings you more than 125 professionally-tested smoking, grilling, frying, boiling and steaming recipes, including 16 of John McLemore’s signature recipes. Plus you’ll find tips on: how to choose cuts of meat, fish, and poultry, keeping your pantry stocked with essential items, and getting the most out of your ingredients. Although particular products in this cookbook are recommended, you can make these recipes on products you already own.

Here’s a picture of the delicious Maple BBQ Turkey Burgers I made. The recipe really calls for pork sausage, but I used turkey sausage to make it healthier and boy was it yummy!!!!

These are actually pretty simple. Just chop up a green bell pepper, mix it into the turkey sausage and form into 4 (1/2-inch thick) patties, cover and refrigerate while you make the sauce.

For the sauce, combine 1 1/3 cups BBQ sauce, 3 T. maple syrup, and 3 T. apple cider vinegar.

Then grill the patties about 5 minutes on each side. Baste one side with sauce and grill for 5 min. then flip and baste other side, grilling for 5 min. more. Then serve on some toasted Hawaiian rolls, top with some coleslaw and wahlah!!!!

Here is my beautiful sister Robyn, modeling for me :)

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As most of you already know I’ve developed a day planner I like to call the Wanna Be Balanced Planner.  Inside this planner you’ll find all kinds of useful organizational tools as well as 3 months of meal plans WITH weekly grocery lists. My goal is to make 12 months of meals, so far I have 5. You can buy the additional months as they become available.

I’ve borrowed recipes from all over the web, but now my new goal is to start creating my own. I usually add my personal touch to basic recipes anyway, so I thought why not share them with you.

Another thing I’m working on to go in the day planners is a 4 week exercise program with meal plans catering more towards weight loss. This can be purchased separately as well. It should be ready to present to you within the next couple of weeks.

Last week I made some delicious Tortilla Soup ( recipe is included in month 5 of the planners). I’ll share the recipe first, then below I’ll give you the details on the giveaway. You’ll all have a chance to WIN one of my specialty day planners.

Here are ALMOST all the items you’ll need for the soup. Later I decided that the consistency was too soupy for my liking. I like soups to be on the thicker side, so I added a can of tomato sauce.

Chop the onions WITHOUT tearing up in the process.
Man I think my eyes are just so sensitive because every time I cut onions my eyes are burning so bad to the point where I’m cutting with my eyes closed.
I’m known for my brains :)

Chop 3 cloves of garlic, then saute them in a tablespoons of olive oil.

I really hate measuring, so I usually just guess, but I would say that a couple teaspoons of chili powder would do the trick.

Then a couple sprinkles of dried oregano…

Add a can of diced tomatoes and green chilies…

A can of chicken broth…

Then a can of rinsed black beans and a can of corn…

Chop up some fresh cilantro and add it to the pot. About 1/4 cup.

I really hate cooking chicken. Handling it raw just grosses me out and I never seem to cook it right. Either I don’t cook it enough and the middle is pink which of course makes me lose my appetite and end up throwing it out, OR it’s extremely dry.  So in my opinion, buying the rotisserie is the way to go:) It saves time, is cooked to perfection and tastes incredible!!!

Just start pulling it apart with a fork and adding pieces to the soup.

Now here is where I noticed I needed to add the tomato sauce to thicken it up.

Bring to a boil, then simmer for about 15 minutes or so. While it’s simmering you can get your garnishes ready.

Crushed tortilla chips, avocado’s my favorite, green onions, Monterey jack cheese, and sour cream.

Isn’t it beautiful!!!!

Okay, now for the giveaway!!! One of you lucky ladies now has the chance to get one of these for FREE. Just help me spread the word by doing some of these things below, then you can leave a separate comment in the comment section of this post for each thing you do. Be sure to leave your email address if it’s not already public in your profile. This way I have a way of contacting you if you’re the winner. Giveaway ends 3-25. The winner will be selected using Random.org.

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Next week on Wanna Be Balanced Mom

*Turning 30
My dreaded 30th birthday is on Monday. Can we just skip that day?

*Spring Fashion
I’ll be posting some cute spring finds for ya.

*Purse Pics
What’s in your purse? If you’d like to submit your purse pics then email me at [email protected] I’ll be sharing your pics next week. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, refer to this blog post for the details.

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I never even knew what quinoa was about a year ago and now it’s become part of our weekly menu. Here is what it looks like before it’s cooked.

And this is after (you can cook the same way as rice in a rice cooker).

I got the following information from www.lifestyle.iloveindia.com

  • Quinoa is rich in protein content. In fact, it is a complete protein as it contains all the essential amino acids, especially lysine, which is required by the body to grow and repair tissues.
  • It has high content of manganese in it, which acts as antioxidant in the body and helps it get rid of dangerous cancer cells and other diseases.
  • The seed proved to be a good source of magnesium, which provides relief from migraine headaches, relaxes blood vessels, and decreases the risk of hypertension.
  • Riboflavin present in quinoa reduces the frequency of migraine attacks, by producing energy metabolism within brain and muscle cells.
  • The presence of potassium and magnesium in quinoa prevents clogging of arteries and hence, relieves stress on the heart.
  • Quinoa has low content of saturated fats and cholesterol, making it an ideal food for every health conscious consumer.
  • It is a good source of calcium, which is extremely important for the growth of healthy teeth, bones and skin.
  • The grain is a boon for people who are allergic to wheat and are suffering from Celiac disease, as it is gluten free.
  • Quinoa is a wonderful source of fiber for the body, which aids easy elimination and toning of colon.
  • The food is rich in carbohydrates, an efficient fuel for energy production required by children and athletes.
  • It is a good source of insoluble fiber that helps avoid gallstones, especially in women who are more prone to them.
  • The high content of copper present in it helps in oxidizing glucose, produces skin coloring agent melanin and acts as catalyst in the formation of hemoglobin. 
There are so many great quinoa recipes out there, so I thought I’d share a few. If you use my weekly meal plans then you’ve probably noticed that I put quinoa on there every week. It’s because it’s so dang healthy!!!
Here’s a great looking dish from the Fat Free Vegan Kitchen 
Here’s some yummy looking soup from Laylita’s Recipes
You can even use it to bake with, here are some delicious looking muffins from Cooking With Kimberly
I usually just have it plain, but I really need to start spicing it up a bit. You can get a 4 pound bag of gluten free organic quinoa at Costco for only $8. I think thats a pretty great price because I was just looking at places online to buy it and I saw prices for organic quinoa up to $60 for a 9 pound bag.

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First of all, THANK YOU so much to everyone who entered my giveaway, I just love how supportive you all are. It’s so much fun to help spread the word about these great products, and shops out there and I appreciate your participation with the giveaways. The winner is Candace @Candace Creations

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