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Today Lily and I went all out and prepared a really fun Valentines Day dinner. We started by setting up the table with as much red, pink, flowers and hearts as possible.

Then we did a little craft together. We got this idea from the family fun magazine. It was actually a Halloween one, but we made them to fit Valentines Day. You just paint some mason jars with acrylic paint, first add some tape cut into the shape of your choice (we used duck tape). Then once it’s all dry you can remove the tape. Makes fun little candle holders.

Then we made some menus.


Sweetheart Strawberry Milk (we used licorice cut on both ends for straws)

Rainbow Love Potion (put a scoop of Rainbow Sherbet into the glass, then pour in some Sparkling Cider)


Hearty Chips and Salsa (we cut tortillas into hearts, sprinkled a little cheese on them and baked in the oven for about 5-7 minutes)

Flower Fruit Plate


Sweetheart Soup and Sandwich (grilled cheese sandwiches cut into hearts using cookie cutters, and tomato soup)

Lily got to be the waitress. She LOVED it!!!

Passion Pepperoni Pizza


Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Happy Valentines Day!!!

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Posted by Crystal
So what are your Valentines day plans? Sean and I usually go out a couple days early because getting reservations at a restaurant is pretty much ridiculous! My sweet sexy husband planned for us to get massages over the weekend!!!
I so needed it too.
I’ve been letting stress get the best of me these days. It’s funny too because I stress about stupid things like dealing with bad drivers, waiting in long lines, or when I can’t figure out this da** website stuff.igate.

On another note, here’s a fun idea I got from the Family Fun Magazine.

What you’ll need:

*Rice crispies, butter, and marshmellows.
*Food coloring
*Decorating icing
*Heart shaped cookie cutters

I couldn’t help but let Oliver lick the frosting off. It was too cute!

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Here’s a fun and delicious activity you can do with your kids for Valentines Day. I found this idea in the Family Fun magazine and really enjoyed doing it!

What you’ll need:

*Wooden skewers (get green ones, or you can use food coloring to dye them green)
*Pink Chocolate Melts Wilton Pink Candy Melts, 14-Ounce
*Fresh Mint

First melt the chocolate (follow directions on the package).

Put the strawberries on the skewer and dip them in the chocolate.
Spray your pan with a nonstick spray and let the strawberries set until chocolate is hardened.
And walah!!!You’ve got yourself a beautiful edible flower arrangement. Yum!

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