Posted by Crystal

1. Turkey Shaped Pancakes

We just used some green and yellow food coloring for the feathers, chocolate chips for the eyes, orange frosting for the beak and a piece of red fruit roll up for that little thing turkeys have, don’t know what they’re called :) .

2. Thankful Leaves

One day we went outside and collected a bunch of cool fall leaves. Unfortunately we couldn’t find any red ones.  We brought them in, laminated them, punched holes in the tops, tied some string to them, then wrote different things we were thankful for on each one. Then we taped them under our little wall hanging bookshelf. By the way, I got my little laminator for $25 at Walmart, it’s been really nice to have.

3. Silly Pumpkins

These awesome pumpkins came straight from my garden. My first year ever growing them, so I’m pretty proud. We found a box of random hardware in our garage and we put them to use, then added the zippers for the mouth and pipe cleaners and cotton for the hair.

4. Sponge Painted Fall Trees

We just cut up a sponge into little squares then used them to pain some fall trees.

5. Free Printables

Take advantage of all the free Thanksgiving printouts online. Here’s a great website that has a ton to choose from.

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