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We had quite the week last week. Sean has been planning a 10 year mission reunion for all of his former mission friends and president. He wanted to do a camp-out up at East Canyon. So we set out on our very first camping trip together.

Since I knew we’d be camping on Fathers Day I wanted to make sure we did some special things for Sean before the weekend.

Thanks to Pinterest I got so many great ideas. It’s getting to the point now where Lily says, “mom, did you get this idea from the computer”? Geeze! Don’t I get any credit? I decided to start telling her I came up with the ideas all on my own. A little white lie never hurt anyone right :) .

First I did a little survey with the kids. It had cute questions like, what you love about daddy, how did you meet him, what’s his favorite food, how tall is he, ect. When I asked Olly how much daddy weighs, he said, “NO, don’t go away” haha. So cute. I loved hearing all his answers. Such a fun age for this kind of survey.

The next thing we did was we made him a back rub shirt. Isn’t this such a great idea! I came up with it all on my own… I’m so amazing! (you know I’m kidding right? yep, another idea taken from good ol’ Pinterest)

Then I had all the kids tell me why they love their daddy. I wrote down what they said on a white board, and had them stand in front of it so I could take a picture. Then I made a little collage out of the pictures and framed it.

Then Friday night we went up to East Canyon for the mission reunion camp-out.

The kids were SO excited about sleeping in a tent.

Sean’s parents came up and had dinner with us and all Sean’s mission buddies.

Oliver kept Brooklyn company in her pack and play.

We had quite the group there with us. I can’t believe Sean was able to put this all together.

Roasting marshmallows is always a hit.

I thought I was going to try to sleep in the tent, but once the sun went down and it started to get chilly, I chickened out and went back to the condo for the night. Thankfully we planned ahead and reserved one just in case. I’m totally not that high maintenance, but when I’m still nursing a baby at night OR pregnant, I guess I am a little high maintenance.

The next day we went out on the boat.

Poor little Brooklyn hated her life jacket.

Those things are not made for babies.

The kids loved riding on the front of the boat.

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