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I feel like I’ve spent my whole life dealing with acne. I thought by now I’d have grown out of it… after all I am 30. But you know what they say, with age comes hormonal acne…

or was it beauty…



Guess there’s a lot that comes with age isn’t there.

You obviously can’t see how bad it REALLY is since I’m wearing make up. It’s the worst when even make up can’t hide it. Thank goodness for photoshop.

Being pregnant definitely doesn’t help the hormones situation. Usually it’s just that time of month where I deal with the break outs, but NOW, it’s constant. I’ve got the pregnancy glow goin on that’s for sure. But my glow stems from the redness caused by acne. Yay for me!

So I’ve been on a constant search for ways to treat my hormonal acne and I happened to come across this Organic Clay treatment called LEROSETT.

It seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. Being pregnant of course I’ve got to be careful about using any harmful chemicals on my skin and definitely don’t want to be taking any pills for it.  So when I saw that this skincare was all natural and chemical free I was sold. I’m always willing to try anything, so I ordered it and only paid like $2 because they offer a free 30 day trial with a guarantee you’ll see results. That’s always a good sign right?

I was so excited once I got it in the mail, I went straight upstairs to try it out.

I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks now and have to tell you I am seeing some improvements.

Lerosett has a 23-year record of success for medical/consumer use, and is clinically proven safe with no added chemicals. The cool part about it is that it cuts down the oil production thereby minimizing future breakouts. The longer you use it the healthier and clearer your skin will become.


1. LEROSETT goes deep into pores and effectively absorbs bacteria, oil, dead skin cells, toxins and impurities.

2. A strong ionic charge attracts impurities like a magnet while natural minerals like zinc regulate the production of “sebaceous” oil glands minimizing the return of breakouts.

3. Organic minerals minimize redness, swelling and kill bacteria in the same way as many antibiotics without the negative side effects while promoting the skin’s natural healing abilities.

For more info go to or visit their blog at

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My little Lily is almost 6 and starting kindergarten this next month. Boo hoo :(
She’s growing up so fast and is turning into a little teenager. Seriously, it’s funny how much she’s changed over the past year.

I thought it was time to start teaching her how to take care of her hair and skin.

I’ve found the perfect hair and skin care products for tweens, it’s called Ottilie & Lulu. My daughter has been using it all this past week and I can tell she really enjoys the whole pampering thing. Don’t we all. She’s now taking showers instead of baths, washes her hair by herself, and washes her face with these fun little face wipes. It’s pretty cute in my opinion. I’ve also noticed that her hair looks and feels much nicer than using the stuff from the store.

Here’s a little information from their website that I found pretty interesting.

“Clean Skin Face wipes are specially formulated for tween skin (no salicylic acid) and are the ideal way to help her keep her beautiful, clear skin. The very light scent of rosewater will leave her feeling refreshed.

Now is the time to start a daily skin and hair care hygiene regimen for tween girls because 80% of the damage done to skin happens by the age of 17. Tween girls have delicate skin and face their own challenges. They need safe products made just for them to help them feel good and look good. Ottilie & Lulu is created with special, gentle formulations of anti-oxidants, botanicals, and vitamins – tween essentials for feeling clean and naturally beautiful. Dermatologist, allergy, and clinically tested-but not on animals.
Ottilie & Lulu for naturally beautiful skin and hair today and for a healthy beauty future.”

Thankfully Ottilie & Lulu has offered to sponsor a little giveaway, giving one of you the chance to try these out on your tween.

The Prize:

SHAMPOO (which is also body wash), CONDITIONER, AND THE FACE WIPES!!!

To Enter:

Leave me a comment telling me your favorite thing about your little tween.

Additional Entries:

For addtional chances to win, leave a separate comment for each thing you do from the list below. Giveaway ends 8/25, and after choosing the winner using, the winner will be contacted via email.

Thanks so much ladies! Have a great weekend. Oh, and how do you like my new site? I’ve added a couple new features. I’ll go into more detail about it next week sometime.

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How many of you know what microdermabrasion is or have had a treatment done before?

“Microdermabrasion is a mechanical exfoliation that removes the uppermost layer of dead skin cells from the face, chest and hands. For best results, it is recommended you get a series of treatments and use in conjunction with anti-aging skin care products.
The price for a single microdermabrasion treatment usually ranges from $100 – $150.”-Information from

I’ve been a huge fan of microdermabrasion for many years now that I’m noticing the damage done by spending countless hours in the sun. These days I get a monthly microderm treatments as well as wear sunscreen on my face daily, in hopes to turn back time a little.

Recently I found this personal microderm system which cost me about the same as ONE treatment at a spa. Now I can give myself a weekly treatment at home for a fraction of the price. Here’s more information on this great new tool I’ve found.

The hand-held device uses the same aluminum oxide crystals as the ten thousand dollar machines found at your doctor’s office. It smooths away dead skin cells, reduces the appearance of brown spots and other signs of aging.
The system includes: 1 personal microderm, 6 exfoliating discs (2 green and 4 blue), 1 electric cord (Standard U.S. Outlet), 1 facial cap, 1 body cap, 1 reusable filter, Instructional CD and Pamphlet.

This system was recently featured on “The Doctors”.  Here’s the short video clip if you’d like to see it.


To order yours just go to their website, register as a member (which means you will get a monthly email or something… nothing big) and get 20% off all products, then enter wannabebalancedmom as the discount code and you will get an extra $10 off the PMD unit.

Pretty exciting don’t ya think? I’m really loving my system and also loving all the money I’m saving by doing it myself. Microderm just makes my skin glow, it smoothes out the surface and evens the skin tone. I’m addicted I think :)

Here are a couple before and after pics I got directly from their website. I posted my before and after pics a while back when I shared what skin care I was using. Click HERE if you’d like to see it.


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Last week I went and got eyelash extensions for the first time. And I am just loving them!!!

I don’t love the time it takes to do it, but I loved the idea of not having to worry about mascara on our cruise. So I took the plunge and now I think I’m hooked!!!

It takes about 2 to 2 1/2  hours (depending on your lashes) to get them on because they glue the lash extensions onto each individual existing lash. It’s very tedious work thats for sure.

My friend recently had hers done and referred me to the lady who did them for her.
Her name is Michelle Simon and she works out of her home in Sandy.  She charges $100 for a full set (which I think is a great price since I almost went to someone who is charging $200).

They last up to 2-3 weeks, longer if you are careful and avoid using products containing any oil.

To get a fill it’s only $40, and usually only takes an hour.  So I’m thinking this may be something I can keep up for a while. I sure feel pretty with longer lashes :)

If you’d like to contact Michelle for an appointment you can call her at 801-654-2261

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Hey Everyone, I don’t know where my mind was when I posted the Revitalash product review. After receiving so many questions I decided to add a little more information for you, as well as answer some questions about it.

  • Do you put it on both your upper and lower lashes? Or just the upper lid? You can apply to both upper and lower lashes, it just depends on the look you want. I only used it on the top, I didn’t really care to have long lower lashes, so I figured the product would last longer if I only used it for the top. 
  • Is that real? Yes, these are ACTUAL pictures of my lashes. It’s absolutely real results.
  • Do you have mascara on in the last after pics? Yes, I have mascara on the last two pictures, all the other ones are without.
  • Do you have to continue to use the product in order to keep the length you’ve gained? Yes, you have to continue to use it. I like to take a few months break after the product runs out, I’ve noticed that the affects are much stronger when I spread it out like that.
  • The product lasts about 6 months, and you can even use it for your eyebrows if you want to thicken them up a bit. There are side affects, not sure what all of them are so you’ll have to google that. I haven’t had any bad reactions so I continue to use it. Also it takes about 6 weeks to 2 months before you start noticing a difference. They do have a product for thinning hair as well, I used it, and it was a COMPLETE waste of money. It was $150 for a tiny little bottle. I used it after I gave birth to my second child, I lost SO much of my hair as a lot of us women do after having a baby. So I was pretty desperate. The product only lasted TWO weeks and I didn’t notice a difference at all. So don’t waste your money there.

    Now for a little Bachelorette talk. If you know me then you know how much I love the Bachelor and the Bachelorette. Nothing like a little drama mixed with some incredibly awkward moments. Perfect example right here. 
    Well at least he’s going to guard and protect her heart. What a guy!
     If you’re new to my blog you may have missed my Kyla Tells ALL post. Be sure to check that out if you’d like a little behind the scenes scoop. My friend Carrie from The 5th Girl actually knows one of the girls from the Bachelor, so we were able to have a little Q&A with her. You’ll love it!
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    Just a quick note, for those of you who have subscribed via email. Be sure to check your junk mail for the verification email. I’ve noticed there are several who have subscribed but have not verified your subscription. You should have received an email asking you to verify that you want to receive my posts via email. So if you are not receiving emails then check your junk mail, or just try again.
    Also, don’t forget to enter my giveaway, $25 gift card to Sucre Lulu. 
    This post is about my new favorite product, and in my opinion, is a MIRACLE!!! I was so excited to try this product that claimed to make your lashes longer and thicker. Of course I was sceptical, but I wasn’t about to let that keep me from trying it. And I’m so glad I did, I was amazed with the results!

    You can find it on Amazon for $70. I’ve seen the price as high as $150, so this is the best price I’ve found so far. Revitalash Eyelash Conditioner, 4.1-mL/.013-Fluid Ounces
    It’s very easy to apply with this little brush. Just paint on the clear liquid as close to the lash line as possible. It’s just like putting on eyeliner. Be sure to apply it after you wash all your make up off. Once a day is all you need.

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    Yesterday’s post brought in a lot of really good feedback, some positive, and some REALLY negative. My first reaction was the urge to fire back, then my second was to ignore it and TRY not let it bother me, and my third reaction was to let it inspire me to write this post. I have a really hard time holding things in. Talking about it and getting the chance to explain myself, makes me feel sooo much better. Maybe this is a bad thing, but I don’t care, I’m going to do it anyway.
    So, due to this really mean comment someone left me yesterday I’ve chosen to not allow anonymous comments anymore. I don’t need mean people leaving me comments who don’t even have the guts to reveal who they are.
    First of all, I’m really sorry if I offended anyone by talking about horoscopes and patriarchal blessings as if they were equally the same. I was simply trying to relate to the masses. Not everyone is LDS and not everyone even knows what a patriarchal blessing is, so I was just trying to find things that people could relate to as far as what they choose to believe.
    And now for my real purpose for this post. The comment that inspired this was “why did people laugh when you said you wanted to go on a mission? Please don’t say something like, they thought I was too pretty.
    Hah! Well, ya know what? That was not the reason AT ALL.
    If people weren’t so quick to judge then maybe they’d learn a little something.  Without going into too much detail, all I have to say is,  you NEVER know what people have been through. Coming from a broken home, and moving every 6 months didn’t exactly give me any kind of stability a child needs. I was always changing schools in the middle of the school year, which of course put a lot of stress on me, trying to make friends, getting comfortable in my new area and  adjusting to the new school program. I always felt behind in everything, while the rest of the class seemed to be doing fine. I began to think that I wasn’t very smart, and my grades made me believe I would never amount to much.
    Of course I’m grateful for these experiences now because I can see how it’s made me stronger as a person. It took a long time for me to believe that I wasn’t stupid. So with this bad self image brought a lot of bad life choices. Most everyone in my family dropped out of high school, got into drugs or alcohol, never went to college… it was all I knew. I believed that I wasn’t anything special and that I probably would never do anything great in my life. So serving a mission was the last thing people would have expected me to do, and it was the last thing I ever thought to do.
     After all these years of feeling this way about myself, suddenly a light turned on! I was starting to realize my true potential, and I didn’t have to settle for less. I COULD be amazing, I started to BELIEVE that I could do ANYTHING I wanted! Learning the truth about myself literally SET ME FREE from the bondage of self doubt.
    Here is a picture of me on my mission with my natural hair color, no tan, glasses, and about 20 pounds heavier. I wasn’t anything too exciting to look at. And who ever said that “pretty” people don’t serve missions anyway? Each and every one of my mission companions were GORGEOUS! They didn’t choose to go on a mission because they couldn’t get married. They chose to go because they simply wanted to make a difference in someone’s life.

    I don’t think I’m any prettier than the average person. Anyone can wear make up, hair extensions, false eyelashes, body shapers to look thinner, get braces on their teeth and bleach them to make them white, color their hair, and take a good picture.
    What is beauty? Well, we all know that true beauty comes from within. I don’t think there is anything wrong with enhancing the way you look in some ways. The bad thing is when you think your looks are ALL you have.
    I’ve learned that there is more to life than LOOKS. I love to share tips on hair, skin, and weight loss. It’s fun and it makes us women feel good to pamper ourselves and to FEEL pretty, but it’s only one small part of life. I also share my thoughts and life experiences that don’t have anything to do with beauty. It’s all about balance, and not getting too obsessed with any one thing.
    Anyway, I feel so much better getting that off my chest.
    Thank you all for listening :)

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     Here’s a video I put together for you. Feel free to ask me any questions, incase I missed anything. Also, if you like this post or any of my previous posts, please take a minute to vote for my on top mommy blogs. Just click on the icon in my sidebar, it will bring you to a page, just click on the click here to vote, and that’s it! No need to do anything after that. I surely appreciate all your support!!!!
    This video refers to my THICK HAIR post I did a while back. Go there for more info.

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    You all may remember the post I did on how I cleared my skin (includes before and after pics), so today I wanted to feature my Esthetician. She’s also shared some skincare tips, and has offered to giveaway a free facial and a free acne kit or anti age kit. We will pick two winners, one for the free facial ($60 value), and one for the kit (the winner can pick between the anti age, or acne kit).

    Kelly Brown is a Master Esthetician with a Bachelor of Science from Westminster College; she also owns and operates Sacred Skin Care Clinic in Sandy Utah. In her clinic she comes from an individualized and clinical approach to skin care. Kelly feels that her best tool in clearing acne in her client�s skin as well as making improvements on anti aging and maintaining beautiful skin comes from using her line of products known as Corrective Skin Care �. This product line not only works, but is very important to Kelly as this line was created and founded by her mother, Gale Roberts who is a certified medical esthetician.
    Kelly�s philosophy is that everyone�s skin is as unique and individual as the person it represents. Your skin is the largest organ your body has and mirrors your lifestyle, your genetics and tells a story about you.

    1- always apply a sunblock at least 20-30 min. prior to sun exposure if you want it to work effectively.
    2- exfolliating with a loofah or a granular scrub prior to applying a self tanner will ensure deeper and more even results.
    3- If you have a pustule or an inflamed breakout applying an ice cube to the area for 20 min a day will help it to go away faster.
    4- using a mask once a week will help your skin care products work more effectively by having that additional exfolliation.
    5- Using a topical vit c. on the skin in the summer is a great idea because it helps to minimize the formation of melanin or pigmentation.
    6- eyecreams that are good for lines and moisture should also be applied to the lips to help prevent the formation of vertical lines.
    7- A spritzer is a nice way to plump the skin and add moisture once you have on makeup. Especially if it has antioxidants in the ingredients.
    8- If you would like your makeup to go on smoother and not settle into fine lines, applying a makeup primer first can help.
    9- caffeine applied topically helps to tone and de-puff, so eyecreams with caffeine helps puffy eyes and using fresh coffee grounds to exfolliate over skin with cellulite has been shown to decrease the amount of cellulite visible on the skin.
    10- However, when we ingest caffeine we must replace every cup of coffee, soda or energy drink with an extra 8oz of water on top of the 64oz we are supposed to drink daily as caffeine can rob our skin of vital oxygen.
    11- The catechins or the super antioxidant powers of green, white and red tea are real….so skin care products with the tea extracts are great as well as drinking these kinds of tea without caffeine or sugars on a daily basis.
    If you would like to consult with Kelly in her office she does prefer having a consultation with a client first to get a holistic view of her client�s skin, client�s concern about their skin, goals that a client has for their skin and then she will recommend a skin care regime that is individualized for you. If you do not have time or do not want to consult with Kelly you can always try out the online skin advisor on the website and order that way too. The website is and the location of the clinic is 870 e. 9400 s. bldg. c suite 103. Please call before first visit at 801-619-3507. Office hrs. Mon-thurs and sat 10-2. Office hrs. do vary so please call for exact times.
    Ways to enter giveaway (leave a separate comment for each one for more chances to win):
    1. Become a fan of Corrective Skin Care on Facebook.
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    image found HERE

    We would all love to look like the above picture right? Well, I don’t know why it is, but being tan just looks better, maybe because it hides all the flaws. Don’t get me wrong, I do think some people can pull off the pale look, and actually look drop dead gorgeous! For example, Nicole Kidman with her flawless porcelain skin, NOT FAIR!

    Back in high school I went tanning like every week and spent countless hours baking in the sun come summer time. All because I wanted to have the sun kissed look year round. I learned all about skin cancer in junior high and was also aware that sun tanning would cause wrinkles sooner than I would like, I was extremely smart.

    I remember just thinking, it’s not a big deal, of course I wouldn’t get skin cancer, and WRINKLES? pfff, I’m sure there will be some miracle treatment when I get older.

    Well, the reality is, YES, there are a TON of miracle treatments, or so they say, that cost a FORTUNE!!! Not to mention EXTREMELY painful! I’ve had multiple laser treatments on my face, trying to turn back time and erase all the damage caused by the sun. AND now that I’m pushing 30, I’m noticing fine lines that are beginning to form around my mouth and forehead. NOT happy about this but it’s my own dang fault. Now I’m just caking on the SPF hoping to prevent any further damage.
    Botox is always an option, but not so sure I want to venture down that road…….yet.

    So, I’ve been forced to use the alternative tanning method. SPRAY TAN!!!
    I’ve tried so many different sunless tanners and have found that the self tanning products have come a long way since I first started using them about 8 years ago. We all remember the beautiful orange color those earlier products left behind.

    image found HERE
    image found HERE
    image found HERE
    Need I say more???
    Today I’d like to share with you a few different options to get the more natural SUN KISSED look. Remember, LESS IS MORE :)
    Option number one: Getting an air brush tan, having someone actually spray on high quality self tanner. This is probably the best way to go, to get the most even looking tan, but of course can be time consuming as well as expensive. Like I mentioned in last weeks post, my friend Jessica is offering airbrush tans for only $18. Just click on her name to contact her on facebook, or email me if you’d like her number to make an appt.
    • Option number two: Going to the tanning salon and having a machine spray you down. This is a great option, very quick, but can also be expensive, up to $30 per visit. Golden Tan is now offering a great deal on their Versa Spa spray tans, $80 a month for unlimited spray tanning. I know, it’s still kind of expensive, but if you want to maintain this kind of tan, you’ll want to go in about every 6 or 7 days.

    ? Fast: Get tan in 2 minutes? Comfortable: Heated spray makes for a comfortable experience, with warm air blow-dry after every treatment.? Mist-free: EZ-2BREATH technology makes for a completely mist-free treatment.

    • Option number three: Do it yourself. I have been using this SalonBronze at home air brush tanning. It works pretty well, just can be a little tricky trying to apply it yourself. It’s also very messy. So the best way to apply would be in the shower, and have someone else spray it on so you can get it even. Don’t spray too close, and use a blow dryer immediately afterwards to dry. You can find it for $25 on Amazon (click on name above), or you can get it at Sally’s Beauty Supply.
    • Option number four: Tantowels I have found these to be VERY easy to use costing about $1.50 per towel. Just wear rubber gloves to keep your hands from turning brown. Applying the self tanner with the towel just seems to work very well because it’s just like rubbing a thick wet wipe all over your body making it easy to prevent any streaks.
    • Option number five: Last but not least, if you break out easily, you’ll want to use Taunt and Tan. I get it from my esthetician, it’s oil free, specifically made for acne prone skin. Price $38.95, but lasts FOREVER!

    Now if we could just make all this self tanner SMELL better then we’d be set :)
    Don’t forget to enter my giveaway!!! One more week for your chance to win the white purse.